Lord Mottistone aka General Jack Seely

Well known politician and general, he was a great friend of Winston Churchill. He was both a Conservative and Liberal MP and also served as Secretary of State for War. He was active throughout the First World War and was apparently the only cabinet minister to serve at the front for the full four years.

He wrote a few non-fictional books including an autobiographical account of his beloved war horse Warrior who partnered him throughout the war and continued as his mount for many years afterwards. Although the book is actually non-fiction it has been included here as it reads as a story comparable to the later much vaunted (and in this case fictional)
War Horse by Michael Morpurgo. My Horse Warrior is also graced by lovely illustrations by notable equine artist Alfred Munnings. The original book is rare and may be expensive but the good news is that it has been extensively reprinted so that many more can read about this remarkable horse.

There is an excellent new website devoted to Warrior and his rider, with biographical info by racing journalist and grandson of the author, Brough Scott, plus photos and video footage. Warrior has also been the subject of a documentary. There is a biography of the author, again written by his grandson, Scott. Both books and a DVD of the film can be purchased through the Warrior website.

Horse & Pony Books (Non-fiction):

Reprinted in hardback by original publishers.
Reprinted in hardback by Racing Post Books with original illustrations.
Reprinted in paperback by Racing Post Books.
EDITIONS PICTURED: 1st edition, Racing Post Books paperback edition.
In print in the UK (as of 2014).
SUMMARY:  The autobiography of the author's horse from his time as a foal to his incredible exploits in the war - which, unlike many horses, Warrior survived.
PONYMAD VIEW: Although I don't normally add non-fiction to the website, in this case I have made an exception, partly because this is a story of a real war horse and so ties in the hugely successful pony book War Horse by Michael Morpurgo. And partly because this is comparable to the best fictional horse stories. Very readable and full of warmth and charm. See review for more on this excellent book.
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Collectors Info:
Previously the book was pretty hard to find, especially outside of the UK. However it was reprinted in paperback by Racing Post Books fairly recently and at the time of writing (2014) is in print in the UK and also available as an e-book  It cab also be ordered from the Warrior website. In the USA there are some second hand copies of this edition to be found as well as an e-book. The older copies of the book are still hard to find, especially with dustwrapper, and may be expensive.

Books About the Author

By Brough Scott
Paperback original.
SUMMARY:  Detailed autobiography by the author's grandson, and popular author, journalist and racing expert, Brough Scott.

Collectors Info:
In print (as of 2014) in the UK and available as an e-book. Available as an e-book in the USA and also a number of second hand copies can be found.